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ART ON F1RST TestimonialART ON F1RST is an art installation exhibition that takes place in vacant windows in downtown Napa as a part of the area’s revitalization project. The program launched in 2011 and as of Spring 2014, there are only a few windows left as many of the buildings are in the process of being renovated.

When Arts Council Napa Valley handed me the job to implement ART ON F1RST within six weeks, I was both overwhelmed and excited. Having grown up in Napa, I witnessed just how vacant downtown Napa was for many years. So with that said, to be a part of “waking up” First Street, was a huge honor.

I wore many hats, from working with the artists, electricians and contractors––to shooting photography of the art installations and taping promotional videos. It was no short of a dirty job; most of the buildings were filthy. But the upshots outweighed the grunge… I enjoyed meeting the artists and working with my childhood friend, Cohan Sculley, whom was my right hand man from start to finish. On reception night February 25th, 2011, the lights were turned on and the paper veils were torn down from the windows. The street came alive with glowing art installations, and the community and I were in awe. The end result was worth the hard work.



Promotional Photography

Sample of Art Installation Photography



Artists At Work



Promotional Video



Photography / Teaser Graphics

Promotional Video

AOF Promo Video by Kristine

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