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My art is garbage. No really.

"Tree of Life", made from garbage on rotten plywood, 4 ft x 5 ft, 2010

“Tree of Life”, made from garbage on rotten plywood, 4 ft x 5 ft, 2010

Hundreds of curious folk showed up to the off-beat InDIYpendent Culture Faire located at old dusty warehouse close to downtown Napa, and even the conservative local paper did too. The premise of the event was “Do It Yourself”––make and/or share your offerings such as how to fix a bicycle, how to compost and how to paint using egg tempura. In addition to the invitation to learn how to do various things, the local belly dance troupe and many bands performed, making the event an all-around community affair. I really appreciated the opportunity for the community to come together in a relaxed environment and simply have a good time.

Creating art out of garbage was my contribution to the event. I had no clue what was going to happen upon on old rotten piece of plywood I found in my backyard. What sprung forth was a “Tree of Life” using bits of plastic, cardboard, toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles. The Napa Valley Register quoted me as saying:

“We are so accustomed to living in a throwaway world, it’s just looking at our products in a different way and to make something usable and beautiful.”

I had a great time creating my Tree of Life garbage… it was beautiful. During short breaks, I raced around with my camera and shot photography of all the creative action going on everywhere. At times, I wondered what I was missing while I was garbaging-out, but I was too busy to step away. Anyway, it was an honor to appear in the paper and be quoted accurately [article]. And I have continued to make lemonade out of lemons in more ways than one.

Garbage art taking shape from start to finish

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The Napa Valley Register Article

inDIYpendent Fair

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