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Garbage Art 2.0 at the DIY Fest

Garbage Art 2.0 Featured


InDIYpendent Culture Faire poster

Poster for the inDIYpendent Culture Faire 2011. Designer unknown.

The inDIYpendent Culture Faire came back for a second time in Fall 2011 with a new location than the old dusty warehouse the year before. It was hosted at the Slack Collective Studios in downtown Napa and for a second time, I re-imagined garbage into a new work of art than my “Tree of Life” from the previous year.

Recycling a 6 x 4¬†foot framed painting, I adhered garbage that I had collected to the canvas with a hot-glue gun. Then, I bathed the entire surface including the frame, with white spray paint for a “blank slate”. The garbage was disinfected, white-washed, purified and cleansed! It could have been any color but in this context, white universally symbolizes purity, so I made the garbage anew. However, the canvas was just too achromatic for me, so colored plastic bottle caps dotted the surface, streaming in an upward direction like a flowing stream, symbolizing bringing new life back to the discarded refuse.

This work of art is in storage at the moment, but I am looking forward to pulling it out for a good cleaning and better photographs. I actually liked this piece so much that I had it hanging next to my bed for about a year before I moved.



Garbage art taking shape

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