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ARTS '11


ARTS 10 and ARTS 11 designs side by side

Branding imagery for festivals, displaying logo, silhouette, font and color design consistency.

ARTS ’11 was a countywide arts festival in Napa Valley that took place during October of 2011, promoting arts events throughout the Valley. Arts Council Napa Valley (ACNV) led the coordination of the festival, as well as branding, while Legendary Napa Valley directed media promotions through tourism channels and led marketing through the San Francisco Chronicle and 7×7 Magazine. For the second annual festival, ACNV chose to not print a catalog and go completely digital except for a keepsake print boutique piece. ACNV contracted Augustine Ideas to design (co-branded with my art) the print piece and roll out the online digital catalog.

It was a fun and challenging program to implement, as I took on almost all administrative tasks for the second annual festival, as well as, designing new branding imagery. Maintaining a similar look and feel from the year previous, I chose a silhouette of hands. Accompanying the hands, are a sun and vineyard––all with symbolic meaning. The vineyard represents Napa Valley as “wine country” and the sun represents shining the light on the Valley’s talent and hands cherishing them (see the design coming together layer by layer below).

After the new design was complete, it was on to the creation of a media kit, volunteer recruitment for print distribution, website and e-blast redesign, recruiting new arts coalition members for ACNV, acquiring events’ listing information, editing the information for publicity, launching the information online and spearheading marketing the festival via weekly e-blasts, magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, social media and more. I had no idea that I had a salesperson in me; I gained many new members for ACNV, and gathered 170 event listings––up from 60 the year previous! I also assisted with the marketing and physical setup of the closing event at the Napa Valley Opera House. Below are samples of my design work.



Branding imagery coming together layer by layer…

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Logo Design

For ARTS 11, the logo design required additional information from the logo the year previous including “Arts Council”, the month and the website address. Needless to say, that is a lot for a logo. To make a text-heavy logo appear simpler, the text was contained in a simple shape… a square. The text is an easy-to-read sans-seriffed font, and there are subtle color changes differentiating each line. The color purple symbolizes strength and ambition and the square shape symbolizes the solidity of the county’s talent.



Website Design & Development

The website was the central information source to get the word out about the arts festival. Since it was the go-to location, specific goals were to be reached: it needed to reflect the branding style of the festival, have a home page that is catchy and fun, to provide accurate and detailed content on over 170 events, and for the dynamic calendar be easy to use. All of those points were achieved.

ARTS '11 home page



Media Kit

The objective of the media kit was to invite arts presenters to become a member of ACNV and take part in the ARTS ’11 festival. The media kit was created as a PowerPoint presentation for its versatility in being able to display a digital presentation, make a downloadable PDF, or a printed booklet. The media kit was designed by me with content pulled from various sources and edited for conciseness.

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E-Blast Template

The ARTS ’11 e-blast template was based after the regular ACNV emails so that it was clear that ARTS ’11 was ACNV’s program. With that said, each email continued the blue header with ACNV’s logo. Each week an e-blast was delivered to patrons with event listings. In total, there were 18 crafted e-blasts associated with the ARTS ’11 program that were delivered to artists, presenters and patrons.

ARTS 11 E-Mail Blast



Sample Digital Graphics

The graphics below were used for banner advertising, e-newsletter headers and television PSAs.

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