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Painting on a book cover from Germany


My watercolor painting on a German book cover.


If it were not for the World Wide Internet and a search engine, German author, Peter Godzik would not have found my website and happened upon my butterfly watercolor series. I would love to be reminded of what the cover says. So, here goes Google Translation:

“Was weiB die Raupe schon vom Schmetterling
Auferuch zu Wandlung Fretheit und unverginglichem Leben”


translates to:


“What the wife from butterfly bead
Auferuch to change Fretheit and unverginglichem life”

Oh dear Google… something about questioning a wife that transformed from a butterfly bead? This sounds like a sci-fi book. Perhaps it is, but judging from the design, I do not think so. There would need to be some sort of acid trip “Alice in Wonderland” illustration. If anyone has a more understandable idea of what it translates to, let me know. It has been too long since the author contacted me to purchase the rights to use the art. Otherwise, I would ask him. Possibly the reverse can happen; he could conduct a search on his name and discover this page! Please contact me Mr. Peter Godzik! I would like the entire book translated as well, and a more successful scan of the cover when I get my hands on it (in storage in another city). The original is available for purchase by the way. And, here is the book cover:


Kristine's watercolor on a book cover derived from Germany.

Kristine’s watercolor on a book cover derived from Germany.


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