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City Shadows

Johannes Vermeer's, "Girl with the Pearl Earring".

Johannes Vermeer’s, “Girl with the Pearl Earring”.

I first became aware of the significance of how light casts itself in any visual media when I learned about the Dutch painter, Vermeer, born in the mid 1600s. When I started shooting photography, I would have to remind myself to pay attention to the time of day it was when shooting outdoors. Some well-known photographers specialize in mid-day, but to me, the dramatic effect of either sunrise, late afternoon and sunset, is so much more striking. Vermeer is world renown and perhaps the pioneer for paying attention to light, so this small series is in honor of him. These photos were shot at the tail-end of Market Street in San Francisco in the late afternoon in October 2012. The first photo is hands-down one of my all-time favorites; I call it, “Urban Cowboy”.


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