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Drawing with Dierdra

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What’s better than spending a summer drawing? I enrolled in a six-week course at City College San Francisco, covering all the basics of drawing from blind contour and gesture drawing––to tonal studies, perspective and portraiture. It was a five-hour intensive class, three days a week. By the time each session was over, I needed a nap! Mediums we worked with included graphite, ink, charcoal and Conte Crayons. I took away a great deal of information that I know will influence my art-making in the future. Below are a selection of my in-class and homework assignments. Professor Dierdra White was great… she was excellent at explaining the drawing techniques and very present with each students’questions. I honestly don’t know how she had the energy to do that much teaching in such a short amount of time and long hours too. Stamina!

Weekend Homework Assignments

Beginning Drawing Blind Contour

Partial Blind Continuous Line (pile of shoes in India Ink) (I created 3)

2) One and Two-Point perspective, graphite (room interior with furniture, door and window)

3) Gesture Drawing (outdoor and indoor architecture) (I created 10)

Beginning Drawing eggs light

Tonal study in charcoal (three eggs)

5) Graphite Pencil Scales (additive), and Masterwork Portrait in Graphite

In-Class Studies

• Blind contour drawing, India Ink, (outdoor flora and human skeleton) (created 2)

Beginning Drawing Sighting

Citing and measuring, graphite (cones, bottles, pyramids)

Beginning Drawing 3 pt perspective

One and two-point perspective, graphite

• One and two-point perspective, graphite (room interior with furniture, door and window)

Beginning Drawing Figure Ground Final

Figure/Ground study with ratio scaling (small branch with leaves) (Created 1)

• Architecture gesture drawing, ink (Grace Cathedral field trip)

• Tonal study in charcoal and sphere with light source study

• Erase subtractive method of undisclosed image from unfocused to focused, charcoal (Created 1)

Beginning Drawing conte crayon skull

Layered tonal study in Conte Crayon with erase subtractive method (bull skull)

Beginning Drawing Self Portrait final

Self Portrait

Learning Portraiture

Learning Portraiture

Beginning Drawing self portrait in process

Self Portrait in Process

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