Kristine Marie Cummins

How can a chemtrail be beautiful?

Kristine Cummins at the Presidio with camera in handHow can a chemtrail be beautiful? But it was. Reflecting back, I had a photography assignment from my professor to document a place. It could have very well been any, but I just so happened to be staying in the Marina District and walked to Crissy Field. I scored me an evening to be able to walk in San Francisco without having to lug around layers of clothes to stay warm. It was the quintessential “Indian Summer” on October 1st, 2012. By far, it was the multitude of every breed of dog you can imagine, playing on the beach and in the water, that drew the most attention from me, but its rival was the glaring chemtrail floating above, that no one else seem to notice but me. I watched it being formed by two planes and dissipate over the course of an hour. Was it a coincidence that these two planes formed make an “X” above the Golden Gate Bridge? In any case, it was of pleasing fate to be in the neighborhood to document dogs playing vigorously, the sunset casting orange on the surface of the water, and┬áplanes drawing letters in the sky.

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