Kristine Marie Cummins

Please bug me

Bugs are my friends… I take after my mother. The excitement my mother had when she found a big garden spider on its web in her flower garden, made an impression on me. It was quite eye-catching with its yellow and black stripes. It was at this time, I inherited my mother’s respect for nature. However, I learned that not all bugs are equal. When a black widow was found in my bedroom, brother Buzz happily took on the grim reaper role and stabbed the widow repeatedly with a broom. It was quite the dramatic event. From then on, respect to the bugs, good or bad! Anyway, here is a collection of photos I’ve taken over the years. My fascination for shooting photography of the creepy crawlers and little winged ones, is certainly not going to end here. I look forward to discovering the next bug, combined with executing just the right composition, to shoot my next favorite bugalicious photo. Oh, by the way, bees get their own special page.



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