Kristine Marie Cummins

Little Oasis in the City

A special synchronistic thing happened yesterday (Valentine’s Day). I decided that I wanted to transform my newlywed friends’ San Francisco garden into a magical, peaceful place for them to rest in.

The yard was messy and overgrown. I pulled piles and piles of weeds, carefully protected the flowers and small plants in the ground, trimmed back ivy devouring a fence, tore down a trellis that was falling apart, carved out a curvy path, carefully placed potted plants and decorative garden elements, took out all the empty pots, and finally sprinkled redwood mulch on the pathways and in between the plants.

While I was creating this magical oasis for them, I wanted a wooden table that was just right dimensions, to fit this particular spot for them to place special objects that remind them of persons, places and things that make them feel at peace.

As I made my way to the far back of the yard, I found EXACTLY the table I envisioned. It was covered in leaves and dirt and hiding behind a barbecue. It was a wonderful synchronicity that was like the cherry on top for this special garden. I thought it and it literally manifested itself as I unearthed the yard. You’ll spot it in the photos. Yes, my body is very sore!

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