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7 Design Studies

During Fall of 2013, I took a Design class with Terner at City College San Francisco. These are the pieces from the class:






Color Mixing Study, Acrylic on Canvas, 14"x18"

Color Mixing Study, Acrylic on Canvas, 14″x18″

Color Mixing Study

Painting a standard color wheel did not sound interesting to me. Instead, I had a lot of fun designing a black to white gradated ribbon-laced color wheel. Mixing colors is not easy; I purchased a color wheel and matching each color exactly was not possible with the standard primary hues.





Asymmetry Study - "Red Dot", Mixed Media, 16"x20"

Asymmetry Study – “Red Dot”, Mixed Media, 16″x20″

Asymmetry Study – “Red Dot”

The glaring red mixed media on canvas is titled, “Red Dot”, and is a play on the common red dot found in many abstract works of art over the last century. In this case, everything is red with a white dot and if you look closely, “red dot” is spelled out with an asymmetrical composition. Mediums include paint, special papers, felt, straw, collage, glitter, watercolor, colored pencil, construction paper, lace and feathers.





Figure-Ground Study, K&G, Paper, 14"x17"

Figure-Ground Study, K&G, Paper, 14″x17″

Figure-Ground Study

The black and white piece is a “figure-ground” study where the figure portion of the design is the cream-colored background paper and the ground is the black shadow. The medium is paper cut with an X-Acto knife. If I had extra time, I would do this study over again a lot better.





Gradation Study - "Bubbles", Pencil on Bristol, 14"x17"

Gradation Study – “Bubbles”, Pencil on Bristol, 14″x17″

Gradation Study – “Bubbles”

This work was accomplished by diving up the space into a 1/4″ grid pattern. Each circle doubles in size which creates a gradation in pattern. The medium is colored pencils on bristol paper.





Line Study - "Male/Female", Mixed Media (paint, paper), 14"x17"

Line Study – “Male/Female”, Mixed Media (paint, paper), 14″x17″

Line Study – “Male/Female”

There is a lot more than meets the eye on this work of art in that it is a mixed media, accomplished with first, applying paint with found objects on paper, then the paper was photocopied enlarged in size, and finally, glued to bristol paper––all coming together with a composition that leads the eye upward with the white negative space line. The wavy lines symbolize femininity and the straight lines represent masculinity.





Texture & Color-Matching Study - "Circles", Mixed Media, 14"x17"

Texture & Color-Matching Study – “Circles”, Mixed Media, 14″x17″

Texture & Color-Matching Study – “Circles”

I really enjoyed creating this work of art. It is a mixed media piece experimenting with color-matching to objects, touch-sensory matching, and varied applications. From top left to right:

1) experimentation: art mediums (colored pencils and paint)
2) experimentation: salt and paint
3) experimentation: found objects (styrofoam, tissue and paper)
4) smooth texture (plastic, paint, gloss paint)
5) rough texture (straw and paint)
6) soft texture (feathers and paint)
7) color-matching paint to orange peels
8) color-matching paint to plastic lid
9) color-matching paint to paper bag





Warm/Cool Theme Study - "Self Portrait", Acrylic on Canvas, 14"x17"

Warm/Cool Theme Study – “Self Portrait”, Acrylic on Canvas, 14″x17″

Warm/Cool Theme Study – Self Portrait

This painting is acrylic on canvas board and was a lot of fun to paint. Painting myself on the other hand proved to be a bit of a challenge; I did the face over and over to get it to a point that I am okay with. This piece inspired a series of Warm/Cool paintings.

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