Kristine Marie Cummins

Early works from my teens and 20s

My childhood was relatively carefree, but once I turned aged thirteen, I experienced tragedy––my father passed away. The event changed my life and art became my escape. After my Freshman year in high school, I was accepted into the inaugural California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA), and from then on, my passion for the visual arts grew deeper. By the time I turned twenty, I was awarded the Bank of Achievement Award for art, three scholarships, best in show awards at the local fair, accepted into CSSSA for the second time in 1990, featured in the Napa Valley Register two times, exhibited at the Napa Valley Museum and the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, as well as, selling many of my works of art. I was on a roll! I experimented with a variety of styles of painting, using oil, charcoal, tempura, oil and soft pastels, and mixed media. Below are works of art I created up until age twenty.

Expressionism & Impressionism

Charcoal & Pastels

Abstract & Post-Modernism

The Arts Resumé of My Youth

Showing off my CSSSA art scholar medallion after the high school graduation ceremony.

Showing off my C.S.S.SA. art scholar medallion after the high school graduation ceremony.

Awards & Scholarships
• Bank of America Achievement Award for Art 1990
• Wine Country Artists’ Scholarship 1990
• Amy Judah Memorial Scholarship 1990
• Full scholarship to California State Summer School for the Arts 1990

• Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA 1990
California State Summer School for the Arts juried top young artists in California for an exhibition called, “Explorations” in Sacramento to help fund the program. The program chose Kristine’s artwork, “Seasons” for a poster to represent the program, and was distributed statewide to promote the program. The art was sold to El Paso Natural Gas.

• Napa Valley Museum, St. Helena, CA 1991
Oberon Gallery’s “Napa Valley Artists Paint the Napa Valley” show traveled to the Napa Valley Museum for one month. Kristine’s “Valley Gathering” was exhibited there.

Local Press Clippings
• Napa Register, Feb. 1989: Artwork titled “My Family“.
• The Napa Valley Register, Sept. 1991: Artwork titled “Valley Gathering“.

• Oberon Gallery, Napa, CA 1991
Kristine competed in a juried show called, “Napa Valley Artists Paint the Napa Valley”, and won Best of Show among established Napa Valley artists. Her painting, “Valley Gathering” sold at age 20 in 1991.

• Napa Town & Country Faire, Napa, CA 1990
Kristine won Best of Show in two categories: 2 dimensional art and photography, in a county fair, competing with students from four high schools in Napa Valley.

• Napa Spring Faire, Napa, CA 1989
Best of Show for ceramics.

Venue Showings
• Cafe Marvin Gardens, Kentfield, CA 1992
• Studio 4, Larkspur, CA 1992

Arts Education
• C.S.S.S.A. Arts Program, Mills College, Oakland, CA 1990
• C.S.S.S.A. Arts Program, CAL Arts, Valencia, CA 1987
• Napa High School, Napa, CA 1986-1990

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