Kristine Marie Cummins

Essence Paintings

Napa Valley Life Magazine Article on Kristine Cummins's Essence Paintings

This series of paintings was the result of learning what my life’s work is all about. At that time, I learned that I have a gift for seeing the beauty in people and knowing how to translate it into visual symbols, colors and shapes. As a featured artist in the Napa Valley Life magazine, an article was published in 2005, covering my “Essence” watercolor series (shown right). Note: I’m on the hunt for the actual article––it’s lost in my very deep archives of data files.

After four years of watercolor painting, I threw myself into web development and continued my life’s Essence work digitally. The websites that I designed were also symbolic representations of people and businesses, albeit with a professional look and feel. To this day, all my work is based on painting the best essence of people in whatever mediums that happens to be required.

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