Kristine Marie Cummins

Bees knees

Bees rule the world. It’s amazing to think that if there were no busy bees pollinating flora, there would be no food for just about every life form on planet earth. With the dying out of bees in recent years, I think it has become so much more clear just how important they are. How could it not be crop-dusting? What gets me wondering is, how could the corporate agriculture business not know before going into this business about fifty years ago? I have a lot of questions about how the dying out of bees is going to pan out. However, I am confident that scientists will figure out how to rectify this problem before it’s too late. In the meantime, these photos of bees I’ve taken over the years, is dedicated to the greatness of bees! I was curious about the expression, “bees knees”, so I looked it up here.

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