Kristine Marie Cummins

Print Collateral

Print Collateral Design


Print design is where it all started over twenty years ago when I attended Platt  College of Graphic and Computer Design in San Francisco (now located in San Diego). While I was enrolled at Platt College, I had the opportunity to intern for The Jewish Bulletin and San Francisco Business Times. After I graduated, I was offered my first graphic design job with Recreation Publications, producing Yachtsman and Yachts For Sale. Back in those days, layout was accomplished with halftones, wax and paste-up. I feel special having witnessed the transition from getting wax on my fingers––to digital. I included three covers of magazines during the paste-up years at the tail-end of this page for historical posterity. Over the years, I have designed collateral from nonprofit organizations and events––to publishers and e-commerce businesses. Subjects range from arts promotion––to technology. Below are examples of my work. For more information about each piece, click on the graphic. Click here for logo design.


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