Kristine Marie Cummins


Kristine Cummins watching the sunrise over the Bay.

Watching the sun rise over the Bay.

Utilizing a range of visual arts mediums from painting to digital marketing media, I create representations of who a person, or business is, with my innate, intuitive and creative arts talent. Highlighting the best in people through the arts has brought me and others great joy. I call it “painting the best essence of people” and it is my life’s purpose. Working for Arts Council Napa Valley, was the most recent opportunity to share my “best essence” visual arts marketing talent. During summer of 2012, I decided to become a full-time student, so I packed up, moved to the city and enrolled in San Francisco City College. It has been challenging, rewarding and definitely the best decision of my life thus far.

My educational plan is to complete my undergraduate studies at City College San Francisco and transfer to a state college to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Digital Media Arts with a minor in Studio Art. Upon earning a BFA degree, I look forward to teaching visual arts, offer my creative talent through the use of current digital technologies and become a more viable candidate for visual arts exhibitions. My goals were ignited during my youth when I worked as an Assistant Art Teacher. Through that experience I learned how to lead and engage children in the classroom environment. During that time, I was accepted into California State Summer School for the Arts two times. I attended Platt College vocational school and earned a diploma for graphic design and have taken many online Web development courses.

I have had a wide variety of professional arts experiences including being a print and web designer, arts program manager, arts marketer, fine artist and photographer. During my early work years, graphic design kept me busy with deadlines for the recreational magazine, Yachtsman. This publishing experience led me to the online world of the Web as an Ad Design Specialist for Microsoft’s (now CitySearch), I developed over 100 Web presences for Bay Area businesses. After seven years of maintaining a website for Arts Council Napa Valley (three years pro bono), the organization offered me a full-time job. I had the opportunity to manage programs including the Art on First art installation program and two season-long arts festivals. I led the way for social media marketing, inspiring many Napa Valley arts organizations to follow, and created Napa Valley’s first comprehensive online calendar of events, On my off hours, I volunteered to photograph Napa Valley’s events and artists for marketing purposes.

Kristine and her adopted son, Danasabe

Kristine and her adopted son, Danasabe

Over the years, I have been recognized in several ways. Upon graduation from high school, I received the Bank of America Achievement Award for the arts. During that time, I was also awarded a full scholarship to California State Summer School for the Arts, as well as, two other scholarships. I was invited to participate in a prestigious photography exhibition as an amateur photographer alongside three professionals called “Meet the Makers”. But above all else, the most significant life honor was gaining permanent guardianship of my adopted son, Danasabe. Nothing is more important to me than being a supportive and steady guiding light for Don. I aim to lead the way, that one can overcome hardship, value and receive a college education and follow one’s passions.

I have been certain of my gift for the human community, and I look forward to earning a college degree that will allow me to extend my creative ambitions much further. It will be a major life accomplishment that will benefit not only me, but also those whom I share my unique talent for painting the best essence of people.

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