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Front End Web Design CMS SetupWeb Development & Digital Art

Services: Assistance with the setup of websites utilizing content management systems (CMS), along with design customizations and CMS training. Design of digital art (such as banner ads) and e-newsletter templates.

Experience: Starting in 1999, I landed a job contracting for Microsoft for the project (now CitySearch), developing web marketing components for over 100 Bay Area merchants. Following that position, I produced web and print marketing materials for a startup. The experience I gained from my introduction to web development, inspired passion for all things web and from there, I launched my own web development business from 2004-2010. Loving the arts, I went to work full-time for one of my clients, Arts Council Napa Valley as a Web Designer and Digital Media Marketing Manager. Since 2001, I have designed and delivered countless e-newsletters for organizations. Ongoing web development classes keep me up-to-date with the latest changes. Recently, I have taken mobile site design and CS3 courses. Please note: I no longer design and develop custom websites––only assistance of CMS setup, design customizations and digital graphics.

Website Design Portfolio
• Digital Art Portfolio



PowerPoint PresentationsPowerPoint Presentations

Services: Presentations designed to match your organization’s branding scheme, along with custom graphics. I am available to shoot photography for your presentation as well.

Experience: While providing marketing materials for Arts Council Napa Valley, I designed presentations for marketing purposes from media kits to marketing pitches.

PowerPoint Presentation Portfolio



Print Collateral DesignPrint Design

Services: If you are seeking graphic design with unique, colorful flair for ads, business cards, posters, brochures and postcards, I am the person for you.

Experience: Print design is where it all started over twenty years ago when I attended Platt  College of Graphic and Computer Design. Over the years, I have designed collateral for nonprofit organizations and events––to publishers and e-commerce businesses. Subjects range from arts promotion––to technology.

Print Design Portfolio



Kristine Cummins Photographer. Photo by Robb McDonough.Photography

Services: Event photography (photo journalism), and professional head shots. Recently, I have discovered I am great at taking photos of toddlers which requires being fearless of being unabashedly goofy.

Experience: Since my early years, I have shot photography as a part of web marketing projects. Later in my professional life, I was hired for event photography for marketing purposes (paid for marketing agency and probono for a non-profit). My passion for shooting photography of talented creative people was recognized, and as a result, I was invited to exhibit my photos in a prestigious community-oriented exhibition called, Meet The Makers. I enjoy shooting photos that occur almost on a daily basis, as it satisfies my ongoing visual arts passion.

Marketing Photography Portfolio
Miscellaneous Photography Portfolio



Kristine Cummins Fine ArtistFine Art & Illustration

Services: Propose your idea, and I will determine if I am a match for your creative vision. Indoor murals are something I am very interested in,  but have not done so before. If you are open to a newbie, message me.

Experience: As soon as I could pick up a paint brush, I did and have never stopped. During my youth, I received multiple scholarships, the Bank of America Achievement Award, acceptance into the California State Summer School for the Arts two times, and best in show at age 22, in a countywide competition and exhibition. As an adult, fine art has been mostly a hobby while I have been focused on web development. However, I did participate in two Napa Valley Open Studios events over the years. Currently, I am picking up the pace and producing much more art than before and looking forward to sharing my new work on this website.

Fine Art Portfolio
Illustration Portfolio

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