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Everyone has voted an enthusiastic yes for the logo, and that’s actually quite a few people! So thanks much for the great work! —G. Martin, MicroGrid Light & Power

Thank you Kristine! You are a pleasure to work with! We love the site and look forward to working with you in the future. —Richard & Caitlin, RVS Design

WOW! What a great site! THANKS TO KRISTINE FOR SUCH A SUPER JOB! —S. Caldwell, DBSA Napa Chapter

Im actually proud of something… the logo you made for me! —Paul Cohen, VP, LLC

Beautiful front and back of the bookmark design look awesome— thanks so much!! Gorgeous works as always. —C. Phillips, A Network of Grateful Living, AZ

Hi Kristine, I see that the new site is up. It looks good. Thanks for all your help, and for fitting me in among all your projects. —D. O’Connor, Resource Mortgage, CA

Thanks for the excellent design work you’ve been doing, which everyone here adores. All best wishes. —P. Carlson, A Network of Grateful Living, NY

Wow, Kristine – it looks fabulous. Thank you so much for your work. We’re really pleased. Fred, our guy in Portland, is so jazzed he is out making sales calls this Monday morning. Initial client feedback to him on the site has been great. It’s kind of interesting to do this process – it defines what you are doing for your in-house people as well as potential clients/the public. Just when you thought you understood what you did. Thanks again, we really appreciate what you have done – gently guided us through this process and you wrote the html code. Your initial input was invaluable… you pushed me back out to research what a good website does and what a good home page should do – was much appreciated.
—C. Salvin, Planet ink USA, CA

You are fantastic. I love it. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you making the process simple and understandable. I will let you know when I need you next, and you are well worth the investment. I’ve already gotten a bunch of positive responses, some of whom I’m not even related to! —C. Trachok, C.A. Trachok Studios, Napa, CA

I bow at your feet!!! The poster is fabulous! Oh my gosh! The Web page is beautiful! —S. Martin, Awakening The Dreamer Environmental Project, Napa, CA

The site looks really good to me. I’ll pass it on to the rest of the Board of Directors for perusal. Many thanks. —A. Edmister, Napa Firefighters Museum, Napa, CA

I thought I’d send along a sampling of the quotes from thank you emails I’ve received in the last day regarding the launch of our beautiful new Master Calendar from Napa County residents. Three cheers for our brilliant website & calendar designer, Kristine Cummins. Enjoy! — M. Williams, Executive Director, Arts Council of Napa Valley

This is fantastic! Phenomenal! Wonderful! I love it!!!! Thank you, thank you. Great work – thank you. Congratulations!!!!! How exciting for all of us. Wonderful community service! Thank you! Congrats on the launch of a really attractive calendar! Congratulations! Not only does your new event calendar look great, it’s got tremendous content. You’ve done something superbly that’s been needed for years. It’s now listed on, and featured on the home page. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

You’ve created an incredible, state of the art resource that will probably do more to put ACNV on the map than anything else! Congratulations!!! This is outstanding! Congratulations! Genius! Fabulous job. Great idea. Thank you. Thank you for this…..well done! Great news about the master calendar, love that it’s here. The Calendar is gorgeous, great work. I had no idea it was going to be so extensive. The site looks great! Good job!

Wow, it’s totally cool… I LOVE THE WAY THIS WHOLE THING LOOKS – MY FAVE COLORS, TOO! -D. Brinker, Brinker, Ink, Napa, CA

Thank you for everything. The website looks great!! —T. Carter, Third World Music Group, Vallejo, CA

Kristine, THE BUSINESS CARDS ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I thank God everyday for putting you my life. As I told you before, Kristine, your design and creation of The DBSA Napa Chapter web site, has brought so many new support group members and in turn the help and support that they and their family and friends receive trickles down and touches so many other lives. This web site has put many individuals in touch with me and the support group and in many ways has saved their lives and those that love them. Once again, all the thanks to you from my heart and soul, love you. —B. Navarro, Support Group Facilitator, Napa, California

Dear Kristine, Thank you so much for doing such a lovely job on our business cards. You are very talented! D. Low, Support Group Facilitator, Napa, California Hi! The cards look great! Thanks for all of your hard work putting them together. You’re quite talented! Thanks again, S. Caldwell, Support Group Facilitator, Napa, California

Kristine, We are in awe!! It looks so great. Carl is thrilled beyond words!!! —B. Wilson, Ciliax Bronze Sculptures, Napa, CA

Thanks again, Kristine. Yes, they are finding me via search engines. My friend wanted to know which major ones you have me paying for. —B. Sandman, Sandman Interiors, Elk Grove, CA My reply… Sandman Interiors never had to pay for search engine placement… because I know how to make websites rank high without paying – the way it should be!

I love it.. I love the way it looks. The placement of the logo is great and the site is really easy to read. —D. Sheehan, Good Vibez Entertainment, CA

Kristine – I love what I see – the website hit just the right note. Simple but not plain. Not cute and not stuffy. Great! Now I can embark on some promotional activity with confidence. —B. Stafford, Artist, Napa

Kristine, I was at a number of meetings of the California Assembly of Local Arts Agencies last week, meeting with California Arts Council folks and EDs from across the state, and EVERYONE was talking about our website. You are simply remarkable, and of all the things that is making Arts Council of Napa Valley survive and thrive, YOU ARE MOST IMPORTANT! Thank you, thank you. — M. Williams, Executive Director, Arts Council of Napa Valley

We want to specially thank you for your wonderful work with the site. We are truly impressed with your work, and we hope you won’t mind helping us out down the road. —D. Obi (A.K.A. Ras Indio), Indigenous Productions, Belmopan, Belize

The website is looking Marvelous! I am VERY jazzed! —M. Smith, Crazy Bear Creations, Sparks, Nevada

Kristine.. if you only knew how much Andy and I are feeling touched and grateful for your hard, inspirational, artistic work. Everyone is going to love what you have done for Circle of Life Hospice’s Arts in Education project THE GOODBYE LADY. Just a few months ago all of this was an inspiration within Andy’s soul. And now, with your artistry, it is a a product for us to offer to humanity for healing. So much love and blessings. You deserve every penny you earned for such beauty. 8/5/05: Oh, Kristine you’re work is so beautiful! And you are a sheer joy to work with! —J. Galata, Director of Circle of Hospice Foundation, Reno, Nevada

Kristine – I have to tell you one thing. You are BRILLIANT! Seriously, incredible stuff. I keep staring at the CD cover and I love it more and more. Thank you, Andy —A. Black, Writer of Audio CD titled “The Goodbye Lady”, Reno, Nevada

My dear, my sweet shining one, you are so fabulous. This particular email is to thank you for the beautiful checklist you created for Napa Valley Open Studios artists, but really, my thanks run so far, wide, and deep, that I could write a novel about your graciousness. —M. Williams, Executive Director, Arts Council of Napa Valley, CA

You are so fast and efficient! Thanks a million. Now, I’m sending a note to everyone I know and showing my new website off. I really LOVE it Kristine and you make it possible for me. Thank you again. —K. Zennaiter, Creative Looks, CA

I am thrilled with our new website. Kristine delivered a website that visually reflects who we are and that functionally does everything we need it to do. Not only did she do this within the expected time frame, but she
made it very easy for me and there were no surprises. Kristine is not only extremely talented, but she is incredibly easy to work with, organized and flexible. I highly recommend Kristine’s website design services. —M. Threhane, Source One Communications, CA

The website is awesome. I love it. You nailed the whole concept. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. —M. Cline, Jean’s Home Care, CA

I know I’ve thanked you a hundred times, but you’ll have to forgive me if I do it a hundred more. You make my job even better, even more exciting, and even more possible. —M. Williams, Executive Director, Arts Council of Napa Valley, CA

Arts Council Napa Valley would like to give our deepest thanks to Kristine Cummins, our excellent web designer. Kristine has done an amazing job of recreating our website. She’s not only brilliant; she’s also lightning-fast, patient, and kind. Since she is highly in demand for her skills, it is even more incredible how quickly and thoroughly she makes great things happen on our site. Kristine, we can’t thank you enough. —M. Williams, Executive Director, Arts Council of Napa Valley, CA

In response to moving ACNV website from an old host to this following host… Groovy! You’re awesome Kristine! This has been the easiest, fastest and smoothest transition on record! —D. Bowen,, CA

Thank you so much for designing the perfect website for me! I started out not knowing what I wanted in a website at all – just the colors and the words I thought I wanted to use. You took my few ideas and ran with them. I was hesitant at first to critique the first draft of the prototype for the website, but realized I needed to ask to get exactly what I wanted. I ran down the list with the changes that I had in mind and you took care of all of them with ease and creativity. Once I knew better what I wanted and told you, the result was exactly what I had envisioned. You created a professional website for my business that also showcased the unique variety of services I offer. Since the website has been up and running, people have contacted me after checking out my website and their comments have always been that my website was easy to navigate and eye-catching. I’d recommend you to anyone seeking not only a website designer but an easy-to-work-with, extremely talented artist as well. Thank you again. —A. Shapas, So You Can, CA

Kristine, I don’t even know how to begin saying thank you. Number one, you don’t have to worry about promoting yourself, because I am going to be doing that for you for a long while. You are an artist who happens to have an artistic eye for sales, and in fact the whole process of talking to a customer visually, combined with text. I have seen and used a lot of sites in my life, and none ever with the impact you have produced in this short time. This is form plus function, and I expect this to be a turning point for me and my business, and the way my business functions. I have lots of online plans, and now I cannot envision attempting to put them into action with relying on your expertise. I am definitely going to have more feedback for you, as I get more and more of my breath back. Right now I am just amazed. How lucky for me, and not my competitors. I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow, as soon as I get some results. No matter what, it will be ten times better than if I had not been lucky enough to find you. Please look forward to lots more business from me. —R. Hagan, Online Marketer, CA

Our club would like to express appreciation for the artwork you so graciously donated for our catalog cover. Of all the efforts we made to make our cat show a standout, the catalog garnered the most compliments. We anticipate using this picture for our future catalogs. You captured the sweet look we treasure in our kitties. We thank you for your effort, talent and generosity. Best wishes for success in all your endeavors. —P. Hill, Franciscan Silver & Golden Fanciers (Cat Club), CA

I received the cards yesterday, thank you. They look good! I hadn’t considered how big a of a box it would be! —D. Howard, Independent PR/Marketer, The Caribbean Cove, CA

I am so excited about my new card… can hardly wait for it to get here!! I keep looking at it over and over, so beautiful… Thank you so much! —S. Daniels, Shaded Knoll Persians, CA

After meeting Kristine Cummins in person and after seeing her web design work, I was clear that she was the professional to create a web presentation that would best represent me and my Interior/Feng Shui Design business. That was a smart business decision! Besides the fact that I am extremely happy with the end result and how my web site looks, I have been exceptionally pleased with the ease with which Kristine has worked with me through this hugely creative process. For me, creating a presence for my business on the internet was a bit like giving birth. The statement that is displayed when opening a web page impacts the viewer immediately. The effect can be enough that potential customers contact your business or not! There was a beautiful rhythm of relationship and trust that Kristine created with me, which allowed me to add, adapt, and interject things as her work in progress unfolded. I truly feel like this was a co-creation! I was the thought creator and she was the web master! I cannot thank Kristine enough for her expertise and for her sincere respect for my needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in excellence in web design! —B. Sandman, Sandman Interiors, CA

When CREATIVE COMBUSTION was awarded a major grant from the Nevada Division of Health, we knew we needed to create a new Web site for the project. We searched high and low for the designer who could capture the essence of the project with the artwork necessary for a particular audience. As the founder and Director of CREATIVE COMBUSTION, a nationally acclaimed arts-in-education program for high risk teens, it is always a requirement that to ensure the best of the program, I ensure the best for the program. Kristine Cummins was chosen as our Web site designer for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. Her work is stupendous! Working with her is magnificent! Kristine brings a wonderful package of creative and human artistry! Working with her is a real confirmation that it’s possible to trust someone with something valuable! —J. Galata, Creative Combustion, NV

I am delighted with Kristine Cummins design work on the creation of The result is an accurate and compelling website. It is structured to my specific needs as a performing artist and at the same time covers all business aspects. I am very pleased with the way in which it is balanced. I noticed Kristine is highly efficient with the preparation, technical research, communication, creativity, and follow-thru it takes to build a website. Her work is guaranteed. Guaranteed to be exceptional. If you set a standard she will match it, and then some! —J. Hesseltine, Heartfelt Productions, CA

Kristine, Thanks for a great product! —C. Binkley, Central Park West Rehabilitation Center, OH

Kristine assembled a Web site for me that completely reflected what I was about both in a personal and professional way. Her ideas are right on target… plus the response from my peers within the industry tell ME; “Slick”, “Top Notch”, “Highly Impressive”, “Very Professional.” Working with so many individuals on a national level, that means so much to me. —P. Farris, Voice Model and KOZZ Radio DJ, NV

I met Kristine through a mutual friend she designed a Web site for. Kristine’s quick understanding for my product and her sense of creativity was what I needed from a Web designer. Kristine asked the right questions, made me think my designs through and developed a comprehensive and more importantly, user friendly Web site for my company. I am extremely pleased with her work and would recommend her to all. —P. Greenberg, LiquidGear Corp, CO

Kristine Cummins rocks! She gets stuff done fast. My Web site always works perfectly. The links always link up to the right places. Plus, she gets it out to the best search engines. My hits keep increasing. Not to mention that she happens to be an awesome painter and graphic artist. Everything on the site always looks good. —R. Polomsky, Renegade Productions, CA

I would highly recommend Kristine Cummins for Website design and production services. As a service company employing the internet for marketing and customer communications, we needed a Web site which would be attractively designed, easy to navigate, and clear in communicating our message. Kristine designed a site which met our objectives, and we are very pleased with the results. —D. O’Connor, Resource Mortgage Company, CA

To the cyber world: Kristine has put together a friendly and creative Web site that fit my business needs. Kristine was not only fast, but was able to hit the nail right on the head with exciting features with a site that’s easy to follow. I also found her wonderful to work with. —J. Behrman, Mountain Groove Productions, CO

In regards to our Web site designer, Kristine Cummins, I have nothing but accolades to describe her performance. Our Web site is one area of the business that I know nothing about and Kristine continues to make suggestions for improvement and ways to make money through my Web site. Her style of design is clean and easy which suits me because I find that too many Web sites are too cluttered and I never know what they are trying to say or sell. When I e-mail her a question or a direction, she responds within hours every time. Additionally, her billing is easy to understand and itemized. I would highly recommend Kristine to any business that requires a Web designer, especially on an on-going basis because she is loyal to the project and puts her heart in to it. —K. Gaffney, RBA Publishing LLC, NV

I am delighted to have the opportunity of writing on behalf of Kristine Cummins. A family member who was very familiar with her work and her strong character recommended Kristine to me. I became acquainted with Kristine after speaking with her about creating a Lambda Theta Phi Web site. We are a non-profit organization that raises funds for charities in the San Joaquin Valley. We were hoping to gain exposure and additional funding by obtaining a Web site. Within a very short time period, Kristine had guided me through obtaining an address, Web site host and additional links to other charitable sites. She was instrumental in every aspect of developing our Web site. She researched other non-profit sites in our area and made wonderful suggestions for the type of information to be included in our Web site. After I had collected and sent most of the information to her, she had the Web site up and running within just a few days. Every time I would send her additional material or changes, she would post them that night into our site. I was extremely impressed with her extensive knowledge in this area and her motivation to complete this project in a timely manner. The women of Lambda Theta Phi were highly impressed with Kristine’s professionalism, eye for detail, and accuracy. It was clear that she is a person of integrity and compassion when she took on this project and did a fantastic job. It was a pleasure to work with her and I hope to do so again in the future. Kristine is a very dedicated and talented woman who will be an asset in any vocation she chooses. I am honored to write this letter giving her the highest possible recommendation. —G. Hesseltine, Lambda Theta Phi Fundraiser, CA

Kristine Cummins has performed as one of the best Ad Design Specialists not only for San Francisco Microsoft, but nationwide. Her work stands out apart from others as an efficient and creative model, and makes our product stronger. She is reliable, efficient, and is always eager to bettering her ability as an Ad Design Specialist. —M. Mancuso, Ad Manager/Microsoft Project Project, CA

Please accept this letter as my personal recommendation for Kristine Cummins. I have been associated with Kristine for the last nine months and during this time she has performed her duties as a contract Web and Print Marketing Designer to my fullest satisfaction. I find her to be extremely dedicated to her work and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. —N. Berry, Cellmania, Inc, CA

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