Kristine Marie Cummins


For fifteen years I have compartmentalized my web design and fine art into two separate websites, believing that “niche” marketing is what gets you business. Now I believe they are connected in that they are all visual. I now view that fine art––to web design use the same two-dimensional design principals such as line, shape, color, texture and light. Now I offer not just a part, but a whole portfolio of my visual arts skills. What does not change is my ongoing passion for highlighting the best essence of people, places and things. I also realized that I love to write and I am looking forward to sharing my work on this site, as well as, fun personal stuff I would like to share. While I am excited about my all-in-one marketing endeavor, I am also on my way to earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in digital media arts with a minor in studio arts in San Francisco, California. Without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to all of my visual arts portfolio and services via this new website.